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    Tryton Valdesh


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    Completed Tryton Valdesh

    Post by Tyrannus on Thu 14 Jan 2016, 4:21 pm

    Name: Tryton Valdesh
    Age:Unknown Looks to be late 30’s
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Birthday: April 17th
    Race: Demi-God
    Anything Special:
    Ritual Scars – Covering the majority of his body is a unique design of scars. When his magic manifested and his bloodline emerged, the power that ripped through him initially left the pathway it took edged into his flesh.

    Personality: Tryton is a what some may refer to as a “Manly Man”, he has pride, aggression, straightforwardness, and an almost youthful joking manner about him. Although he is hotheaded, prone to arguments, and will challenge all those that challenge him, you’re typical alpha male. With his lover he tends to be rather silent. Allowing women to take the reigns when it comes to talking or dealing with people, he will communicate with her but allow her to run most things until it requires his attention. Once he steps in though, its final. His will is law. With children he is a doting father that tries his hardest to keep calm under the irritations that are children. Although he likes kids and seems to have some kind of personal connection to children, he always seems a little down after meeting with one. As if it brings up bad memories for him. At one point he may have been a father.

    In battle, Tryton is a fierce and relentless opponent. Due to his specific skill set, he rushes head long into opponents without considering his own disposition. The stronger the opponent is, the more destructive he will eventually become. He takes no prisoners, pulls no punches, and cares for one thing truly in the fight, that he was the one left standing. He prefers a fair fight and detests hostages or cowardice at any time. Even in training he is overly aggressive, as he believes it will make them stronger, and in turn make him stronger. So he gives no quarter to even those at a beginning status. He can sometimes lose his cool and enters a Berserk like state that causes him to barely recognize allies but care little for them. If they get in his way they are no longer allies but obstacles in his way.

    Training – To reach Fame you need to be stronger than everything you come up against, so he trains relentlessly at times.

    Competition – Nothing inspires growth and development like competition. It exposes where you are weak so you can become stronger through training.

    Women – Behind every strong man there is a stronger woman. So his philosophy is “No Stone Unturned”

    Small Talk – Really, he does not have much to say in the form of pleasantries. He speaks to make a point, a joke, or to answer a question. He tries to keep himself to little words.

    Formal Clothes: Due to his build and skin texture, most formal wear rips in a very short time. All that money he just spent? Wasted.

    Working: If it isn’t a fight he really doesn’t want to do it.


    Fame: A name that lives on in infamy, known across the land, revered and feared. That’s the reputation he wants to accumulate.

    Riches: Life of luxury? Yes please.

    Protecting Others: He has the strength that others don’t, why not shelter them from the fights they cannot win alone?


    Loss of Guildmates: He sees them like family, some like his children, some like his brothers and sisters. He would take any loss of them hard. Even if he didn’t like them too much.

    Loss of Freedom: Imprisonment is his worst fear, seclusions from a world and its glory is nothing short of a minor hell.

    Wrong Choices: Every move he makes is calculated before entering a battle, then its all instinct. He’s learned to rely on his instincts so much that he doesn’t feel right analyzing situations.

    Height: 5’10”
    Weight: 200lbs.
    Hair color & Style:White, Spiked up and a little back.
    Eye Color: Brownish Gold
    Skin Tone: A roasted reddish/brown.
    Physical Appearance & Clothing: Aside from various coats that would described in post see spoiler below.

    Guild/Council: Southern Wolves
    Guild/Council Tattoo: back of his neck, yellow.
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    Completed Re: Tryton Valdesh

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