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    Apple Sauce

    Apple Sauce

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    Completed Apple Sauce

    Post by Apple Sauce on Sun 03 Jan 2016, 11:01 am

    Name: Apple Sauce
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Homosexual
    Birthday: 12/25
    Race: Etherious
    Anything Special:
    Etherious Form
    Eyes - glow and have red aura trails coming from both eyes constantly
    Body - his muscles sucked into his body witch is used to coat his whole body as hard as iron
    Plus some of the muscles are forced out of his both arms:
    Right Arm - middle finger an elbow causing them to spikes out and glow the same color as his eyes.
    Left Arm - from his elbow all the way down to his fingers glows just like his eyes and spike out of each one of his fingers.

    Outside of Combat
    Apple is a very social and out going person. He enjoys working out, helping others out, training, and protecting those that are around him. One of the main reasons he works out so much is cause he wants to gain control over his etherious blood and he believe though working out he can fully control it. People tend think Apple is already a giant goof ball but truly he is afraid of going insane and causing harm to those around him. Apple really can be a goof ball at time but its only to keep people happy or to just enjoy himself more and help people around him light up some. He refuses to go at anything alone he will team up with anyone to keep them safe and unharmed. Apple number one goal is to be strong enough to protect everyone and everything from those who wish to do them harm. This is why you will find him working out at any time of day or the whole day if he isn't asked to come along for a job. If Apple isn't up having fun or working out, you can normally find him asleep either in one of the corners or under the stairs in the guild hall. The reason he sleeps in the guild hall is cause he prefers to be around people then alone in his room. When it comes to finding jobs to do, Apple will do any of the jobs by himself but he really prefers to do them with a group. Apple dreams of the day he can prove to everyone that he loves them all and will protect them with his life. Becoming a guild master one day would be the best way for Apple to be complete his dream, plus he would be able to watch over all of his friends and keep them safe. Apple refuses to let anyone hurt any of his friends an if he sees anyone trying anything they'll most likely wished they had didn't even though about it cause of death defying stare or just to be punched in the face an sent flying either one is fine with him just as long as none of his friends are harmed.

    Inside Combat
    During any battle Apple tends to stand his ground and waits for the enemy or enemies to make the first move while telling the others to get back some for their own safely. Apple gives off and aura that lets others know that his one goal is to keep the team or who ever is near safe. As leader he is always out front so he can see what's coming and stop it before it/them from getting any closer to his teammates.  Apple almost always turns into the leader of any team or group he is in cause of how protective and smart he is when it comes to battle. He blocks and guards for his teammates but don't let his defensive style fool you. Apple is very strong and has a lot of magical power, even if it costs him his life or any body part he will protect everyone on his team. He fuses to let others be harmed and if they are he only blames him self for being to weak. Apple is always afraid of losing control when he is with a team/group and hurting them or even worst. Apple's etherious blood is what causes him to worry about losing control because others could be harmed. If he was to hurt any of his friends or someone really close to his heart he would be extremely upset with him and never be able to forgive himself. The etherious blood in Apple's vines has the ability to transform him into a demon like state, it only happens when she is either he has control of it to save others or when Apple himself is badly wounded witch he has no control and normally blacks out unaware of what he is doing. Has control: He will burst into a demonic berserk state where she will stop at nothing to kill the one(s) that caused the wounds and pain to her self or care for ones and destroys anything in her path to that person, being, monster, creature, or animal. Don't have control: He will burst into a demonic berserk state and go on what seems like an unstoppable rampage that causes him to crush anything or anyone that gets in his way.

    Shinny Objects
    He must always find out what anything is that's shinny and most of the time he will keep all the things he finds in his pockets.
    He loves to be around other people all the time and chilling with anyone that was crazy enough to hang with a goof ball.
    Apple finds himself that much like a bear in so many ways that he has grown an attachment to these animals.
    -One day he plans to find a bear that he would like to have as his on pet.-

    Woken Up
    He just like that of a wild bear that hibernates when he sleeps and if someone was to some how wake him from his slumber.
    -Apple would attack the person, animal, monster, etc. just like that of being maul by a bear.-
    Any form of reckless behave your can cause injury, unconscious, or even death.
    Death of Others
    Its the ugliest thing he has ever seen and it disgusts him to no end.
    -Apple feel that it was his fault for not being strong or fast enough.-

    § Working Out §
    Always finding time to work out so that it can strengthen his own body so that he looks his best and can protect anyone he feels that needs it.
    § Enjoying Life §
    He spends every day having fun and meeting to as many new people as he can to make more friends with.
    -Apple's motto "Live to the fullest every second of every day" because you never know when you will just fall over dead.-
    § Extremely Protective §
    Let it be teammate, lover, friend, or random person/animal in need of help.
    -Apple will do anything and everything in his power to stop them from being harmed in anyway.-

    ¤ Causing Harm ¤
    If Apple was ever to hurt anyone he knows or someone who he is on a job/mission with.
    -Apple will never forgiven him self and try to do all he can to get that person or people the help that is needed.-
    ¤ Abandonment ¤
    He would be complete crushed if once he finds new friends or old friends just poof into thin air.
    -Apple has been though so much hardship already no telling how much more he can take and being left alone wont help him at all.-
    ¤ Agateophobia ¤
    Apple fears the idea of losing it going insane due to the Etherious blood running though his vines.
    -He fears the most that once in that state he could end up hurting others and being unable to stop himself.-

    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 200 Lbs
    Hair color & Style: White, Short (Spiky)
    Eye Color: Black (Bright Orange)
    Skin Tone: Light (Dark)
    Physical Appearance & Clothing:

    Guild/Council: Southern Wolves
    Guild/Council Tattoo: Right side of his neck, Royal Purple

    "Saucing It Up!"
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    Completed Re: Apple Sauce

    Post by Rin Moriyama on Wed 06 Jan 2016, 9:50 pm

    Great app!



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