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    Zehel Frau, Ghost of Cutting/Seperation

    Zehel Frau

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    Completed Zehel Frau, Ghost of Cutting/Seperation

    Post by Zehel Frau on Wed 16 Dec 2015, 5:52 pm

    Name:Frau Zehel
    Birthday:Oct, 31
    Race: Dragon-kin
    Anything Special: Nails are a bit sharper, ears are a little pointy, and scaly patches around his elbows and knees

    Personality:Zehel Is Courteous Generally but thats only to a select group (IE Women, Children, those Loyal to him), Risk-Taking Sometimes even like befriending a vampire, Ambitious Often like following said Vampire into a guild and only aims for the ace spot, Curious Typically there are few things left in this world to experience and Zehel would like to try most of the rest, Self-Controlled Usually sometimes he may go into a bloodlust or even normal lust over a woman, and thats when he loses control, Nurturing Rarely Zehel did not grow up with a mother, so that nuturing aspect is not really there in him, Trusting Typically like any human, will nod his head when you say something, half taking your word half not, Honest Rarely the few exceptions being those with his loyalty and some women if he feels like it, Loyal Generally for those to gain his loyalty he is generally loyal to a fault, but some cases are a unique case and take precidence over the other, Affectionate Often this is usually towards women however, Romantic Rarely again this is towards women, but the ones he feels that he can get that far with are few and far between, Flirty Often what else is there to say, Zehel can be a flirt, but its usually harmless, Sympathetic Often Zehel does have a soft spot for heart wrenching stories, Altruistic Sometimes very limited sometimes, Optimistic Usually he likes to see the brighter side of things, Observant Often he likes to keep a close eye on things, specially his vampire friend, Logical Generally cause someone has to be the level headed one, Social Fairly outgoing as his friend is more withdrawn, Zehel tends to be the talker,Emotions Very unstable despite his seeming control on his emotions, they can wayne easily almost like someone with adhd, he sees a great pair of legs and other emotions may take over, but this tends to help him out in some situation, if one knows how to exploit this weakness of his, this was all outside of battle.

    Inside of Battle, he can be very Animalistic , always going for vital spots, and even going into a bloodlust, this is where Zehel becomes the most predictable though and even some would say, less scary, cause his cool collective mind is lost, and he is just acting like an animal would, and cornering him is the worst idea, however he does keep some sense of control, stopping for women if they did not cross him, or even certain friends.


    • Cutting and Seperating
      The reason as to why is not fully understood, it was just simply something he has always enjoyed.

    • Killing, to an Extent
      One may call him a Merciful killer, or even a Killjoy, depending on which side you stood on, as he will stop someone from killing if he has a reason behind it.

    • Women, and all their.....Assets
      Zehel has always had a love for women, in such a way that few could keep up with, and if a women cant keep up with his lust, well he does not see them worth more then a one time go.


    • Senseless Killing
      He likes killing as much as the next, but there is a time and place, and certain things just aren't touched, plus he does not like being hunted.

    • Hunted
      Zehel has been hunted by one group or another for different reasons, and this has developed the distaste for being on that end of the stick.

    • Silver
      Nothing against the precious metal, just Zehel has a natural avoidance of the stuff, almost like he has an allergy to it or something.

    Motivations:Loyalty- Zehel prizes Loyalty above all , and those loyal to him, get his loyalty in return, but as much as this loyalty Motivates him to do good things, it also motivates him to do bad, if you cross his loyalty he will kill you, and those who have earned it, will have it in a true state, not that he will agree with everything they say or do, but he is willing to help protect them and keep them on a path of safety at all costs


    • Silver
      Again not just a dislike, but a out right fear of the stuff, most likely due to the hot silver he touched when he was younger which has driven him to think he is a werewolf.

    • Full Moons
      The reason behind this fear is related to the first, due to his thinking of being a werewolf, he feels he must stay locked up on full moons or else he could go on a rampage and kill needlessly and maybe even attack friends

    • Loss of respect
      Zehel fears that he may have lost respect in others eyes he would do what he could to get it back, but this only pertains to those that he is Loyal to, cause he does not want to be the reason that he loses their loyalty

    Height:Six foot six
    Weight:one hundred and eighty two pounds
    Hair color & Style:Blond and spiky not unlike Cloud Strife
    Eye Color:Blueish Grey
    Skin Tone:Fair and sorta Patchy, looks kinda like dry skin, but is actually scale, right around his elbows and knees
    Physical Appearance & Clothing:

    Guild/Council:Hydra Sin
    Guild/Council Tattoo: A Silverish Grey, on his left shoulder blade

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    Completed Re: Zehel Frau, Ghost of Cutting/Seperation

    Post by Kenshin on Wed 16 Dec 2015, 9:58 pm

    You are approved my good man

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