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    Completed Alucard

    Post by Alucard on Tue 15 Dec 2015, 11:18 pm

    Name: Gabriel "Alucard" Belmont
    Age: 1593
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual (Straight)
    Birthday: December 16th, but he has long since forgotten that
    Race: Undead (Vampire)
    Anything Special: Alucard possesses a pair of retractable wings, the wings are covered in black feathers that looked to be soaked in blood and almost seem to emanate an aura of darkness and shadow, each wing is 7ft long and is 9ft tall, giving him a total wingspan of 14ft. He is able to fly up to 10ft into the air and can use them to fly at a speed a speed of 15MPH for a total of 3 posts before he is forced to land. When the wings are retracted they appear in the form of tattoo's on his back

    Personality: Outside the battlefield Alucard is an extremely cruel and sadistic individual who takes great pleasure in the pain and suffering of others, especially if he is the one responsible for it. Alucard has long since lost his sanity and it shows in his demeanor, he is often seen with an extremely large and demented grin splitting his face, he often makes extremely twisted and disturbing jokes that only he will find funny and laugh at, and at times he will just randomly burst out laughing for no reason whatsoever. But those are not the things that you should be worried about when around Alucard, no, what you should watch out for is when he looses his grin and gains a serious or blank look, when that happens the best option is to run because it is the only indication that he is extremely angry, and when he gets angry he is prone to going on violent killing rampages, and not the good kind of rampage either, the type of rampage where there are no friends or foes, only victims, but he can be calmed down before it reaches that point, with the best way to calm him down being to give him some blood

    Inside the battlefield Alucard is even more cruel and depraved than he is ordinarily, and that's saying something, he rarely ever goes for the killing blow against opponents until he has completely and utterly humiliated them, often allowing them to believe that they are defeating him before revealing that they done next to no damage to him and proceeding to obliterate them without a single shred of remorse, in fact it would be more accurate to say that instead of trying to kill his opponents he tries to break them, in both body and soul. He is extremely arrogant as well, freely belittling and taunting opponents in the middle of a fight, another trait that stems from his arrogance is the fact that he will draw out his opponents suffering for as long as he possibly can, and only once he feels that they have suffered enough will he finally end them, and even then he makes sure that it is as painful as he can possibly make it

    Blood: Alucard is a Vampire, need I say more
    Killing: Alucard loves killing even more than he loves blood, he doesn't care who or what his victims are, be they young or old, weak or strong, good or evil, none of that matters to him and he'll kill anyone and everyone he can with an insane grin splitting his face
    Wreaking Havoc: Alucard loves wreaking destruction and havoc upon the world
    Chaos: Alucard absolutely loves causing chaos, order is stuffy and boring but chaos is fun and unpredictable
    War: War is the ultimate symbol of death, destruction and chaos, and Alucard loves everything about it, he finds nothing to be more beautiful than a full blown war
    Suffering: Alucard loves to see and hear people suffering, he doesn't care whether the suffering is emotional or physical so long as he gets to witness it
    Law and Order: Alucard absolutely detests law and order, it the opposite of chaos and thus puts a massive damper on his fun[/b]
    The Magic Council: Alucard hate the Magic Council more than anything else, they are the keepers of law and order in Ishgar and as such they are the ones standing in the way of his goal of a war torn world
    The Rune Knights: Alucard absolutely detests the Rune Knights, he finds them to be nothing more than the councils lapdogs
    Legal Guilds: Alucard hates any and all legal guilds and the people within them, he hates them because like the council they are all for law and order and stand in the war of his ideal world
    Anything Holy: Alucard absolutely detests anything holy, be it angels, churches, celestial spirits, light magic, hell even bibles, and if he sees something that he considers holy he will stop at nothing to destroy it
    Motivations: Create an Ideal World: Alucard dreams of creating the ideal world, or at least the ideal world for him, his ideal world is a world ruled by fear and darkness, a world where times of unity and peace are a thing of the past and the world is covered in sheets of war, hate and darkness, a world where hell fire would actually be considered a safe haven, the streets would run red with blood and the ground would be littered with the corpses of those who weren't strong enough to survive.....or something like that, he isn't certain about all of the details yet
    Dying: Dying is the one thing that Alucard truly fears, he has lived for nearly 1600 years but he is still nowhere near done yet
    Losing his Insanity: Alucard is insane and proud of it, and as such he fears the thought of losing that insanity and becoming sane
    Dragons: Alucard has encountered quite a few dragons in his long life and all of them were extraordinarily powerful, and as such he has developed a healthy fear and respect for them

    Height: 194cm (6.36ft)
    Weight: 173lbs
    Hair color & Style: Straight black hair, reaches his upper back
    Eye Color: Glowing red
    Skin Tone: Extremely pale
    Physical Appearance & Clothing:

    Guild/Council: Hydra Sin
    Guild/Council Tattoo: Blood red with black outline, located above his heart

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    Completed Re: Alucard

    Post by Nyx on Wed 16 Dec 2015, 9:34 pm

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