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    ~Advertisement Event~

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    Post by Rin Moriyama on Mon 30 Nov 2015, 10:25 pm

    Hi Everyone at FTE! Since we are now officially in Beta Phase We will officially begin the very first...

    For every advertisement you post on an RP site, will earn you 5 Star Coins, or SC. These will allow you to earn cool prizes for your character(s).

    Go out there and steal some people to the site get us some new members~! Razz

    Rules of Advertisement Event:

    1 ) The forum you advertise on has to be a roleplaying forum
    2 ) The forum must have an advertisement section
    3 ) You must copy and paste the code below exactly
    4 ) You cannot advertise on the same forum if someone else has already advertised on it
    5 ) The forum you advertise on cannot be inactive or dead
    6 ) After advertising you MUST send the link of the advertisement VIA Pm to Rin Moriyama.
    7 ) Before posting the advertisement in the specific advertisement forum, make sure you click preview to make sure the coding is correct. Some may have different "center" alignment codes!
    8 ) Be sure to have good manners and obey all of the other site's rules!
    9 ) Lastly, if you break any of the following requirements above you will either not receive the SC or receive a penalty!


    [url=http://fairytailetherealrp.my-freeforum.com/][b][size=16]Home[/size][/b][/url] | [url=http://fairytailetherealrp.my-freeforum.com/f3-general-rules][b][size=16]Rules[/size][/b][/url] | [url=http://fairytailetherealrp.my-freeforum.com/f10-advertisements][b][size=16]Link Back[/size][/b][/url]

    [b][size=18]A completely new and unique non-canon RP site, brought to you by the minds of your fellow fans of the fairy tail manga/anime series!!!

    Here become anything you want to be.

    Complete creative freedom is here![/size][/b]

    Come check us out!!

    [color=#cc00ff][b][size=18][u]What Our Site Has to Offer:[/u][/size][/b][/color]

    [list][*]Character Creation
    [*]Magic Creation
    [*]Stats System
    [*]Race System
    [*]Friendly and helpful staff
    [*]Staff Positions
    [*]Slayer Magic
    [*]Awesome Events, Contests and Giveaways(Coming Soon)
    [*]Celestial Spirit/Contractor System
    [*]Creature Slayer System
    [*]Marriage System
    [*]12 Wizard Guilds(4 Legal, 4 Independent, 4 Dark)
    [*]Cool Achievements
    [*]Wizard Saint Positions
    [*]Kings of Legends Positions
    [*]Chaos Lord Positions
    [*]Guild Master Spots
    [*]chatbox icons
    [*]username glows
    [*]username effects(sparkles, lightning, snow, flames, etc)
    And much, [b]much[/b] more~!!

    Artifact Weapon(1x)
    500 SC

    The most powerful rank of weapon in the world! You are practically unstoppable with this in your hands!

    Phoenix Stone(1x)
    500 SC

    Otherwise known as the stone of eternal youth. The person to obtain possession of this stone, and break it in half, shall receive eternal youth!

    Rose Dragon Mount(3x)

    Obtain your very own Rose Dragon Mount! Soar through the skies and be untouchable!
    (Note: Rose Dragon Counts as a Pet and is automatically considered B rank)

    Username Effect (∞x)(Limit: 1 per member)

    Get Sparkles or some other kind of GIF effect for your username~!

    Username Glow (∞x)(limit: 1 per member)
    100 SC

    Get a glow of your choice for your username~!

    Chatbox Icon (∞x)(limit: 1 per member)
    50 SC

    Get a chatbox icon of your choice for your username~!

    To claim a prize once you earned enough SC(Star Coins)
    Fill out the below template, in a reply to this thread and an admin will give you your prize~!

    [b]Star Coin Amount:[/b]
    [b]Prize you seek:[/b]

    Star Coin Tracker



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